Historic registration

How do I get club historic registration in NSW?

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  • To be eligible, you must:
  • Be a bronze or higher member of Fiat Club - X1/9 Australia Pty Ltd
  • Your car needs to be as close to its original condition and over 30 years old.
  • For more information on the requirements click here 

    What you need:

  • Your proof of identity, such as an NSW driver’s licence 
  • The vehicle details like VIN/Chassis and the engine number
  • Receipt for the vehicle if not already in your name (Download Template)
  • Proof of your membership of Fiat Club - X1/9 Australia (In your phone’s wallet)
  • A pink slip less than three months old
  • Historic Vehicle Declaration form  
  • Conditional Registration form (You only need this if it’s a new Historic registration)

  Steps to registration:

  • Get a pink slip 
  • Join the club.
  • Wait for your membership to be processed. You will receive a virtual membership card and log in to the website.
  • Organise an inspection by Club Scrutineers (Click here to book)
  • Go to service NSW with your Pink slip,  Historic Vehicle Declaration, Conditional Registration form and Receipt for the vehicle if you just bought it.
  • Pay service NSW $96.00 for the first year’s registration including CTP. For every year thereafter, it’s $47 a year to register and includes CTP.

   When can you drive?

  • Outside of organised car club events, you can use your car up to 60 days per registration year . 
  • Organised car club events do not count towards the 60 days. Club events are posted on the club calendar that you can sync to your phone or view on the website

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